About the Ministry

TARGET GROUP: We serve and evangelize:

  1. The homeless, abandoned and underserved across the country in partnership with CCT
  2. The nearby communities around BFHCF
  3. The outreach groups outside of BF Homes
  4. The out-of-school youth and adults for educational needs

We are a community of worshippers of the Triune God, bearing His image and identity, impacting other people’s lives.

To provide opportunities for members of Bread From Heaven Christian Fellowship to put faith into action. ACTIVITIES:

  1. In partnership with CCT: – Medical/Dental, feeding and evangelism in CCT communities in Pasay, Kalikid (Nueva Ecija), Loguingot (Iloilo) and other possible sites in the future – Financial and management support for CCT’s infrastructure projects (e.g. Housing Program in Kalikid, Nueva Ecija) – Spiritual nurturing and livelihood training for the children at CCT’s “Rose of Sharon” in Laguna – Training of CCT Pastors for works of ministry
  2. Medical/Dental and evangelism in nearby communities around BFHCF (GAHA)
  3. Spiritual outreach in focus groups outside BF Homes (Toppsville, Sampaloc, Dela Rama, Hontiveros and Paraiso
  4. Alternative Learning System for out-of-school youth and unschooled adults

Interested to be part of this Mission Ministry? Please contact Elder Ted Guerrero.

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