Join and fellowship with us in our upcoming activities. We are looking forward to seeing you.

His Mercy is More

The next fellowship for our young people or the YPF will be on Saturday, April 15 and 29, 7pm. We will also be having dinner by 6pm. For all our young people ages 15 and up, we invite you to disconnect online, and join your fellow young people face to face as we continue to learn more about our Lord Jesus Christ and how we can live as Godly young people today. To know more please contact Pastor Kyle Quevedo and the YPF Core.

The Names of Jesus - Messiah

The next teens fellowship is scheduled for April 22, Saturday, 12nn. The teens will continue to learn about the names of our Lord Jesus Christ, so the theme for this month will be “Jesus The Messiah.” We encourage the parents of children ages 10 – 14 to bring them to the fellowship for worship, games, and study of God’s Word. Please contact Sis. Cecel Arisgado, Bro. Jeremy Santiago, and the Teens Core to know more.

Multimedia Specialist

Bread from Heaven is currently looking for a multimedia specialist who is experienced in video production, editing and creative design. This is a full-time position that will help develop the different projects of the church. You can reach out to Sis. Karren Dilao - Llaneta or any of our church staff for more information regarding this job opening.

MIB Fellowship

The next fellowship of the Men in Bread or MIB will be on April 15th, Saturday. We are inviting all the men of the church to join in fellowship, as we sharpen each other physically and spiritualy as we do our God-given role as heads of our families. To know more please contact our MIB Core and Bro. Gerry Punsal.

Kaagapay Fellowship

We are reminding our kaagapay that the next Bible study and fellowship will be on April 18th Tuesday, here at the sanctuary. We hope to see you there to learn more about our God, lift each other up and encourage one another, so please contact Sis. Lilay Betia for details.

5-Minute Journey Devotional

We’re glad to announce that members can now purchase a copy of our 5-Minute Journey Devotional written by our very own Ptr. Vic San Juan. For more details, lease coordinate and reach out to our church staff.

Looking For an Accounting Assistant

Bread from Heaven is currently looking for an Accounting Assistant. The primary accounting assistant’s responsibility is to support the staff accountants in their duties producing financial documents for the church. To learn more about the position and its qualifications, please visit our church’s Facebook page. You can also reach out to Sis. Karren Dilao or any of our church staff for more information regarding this job opening.

Hygiene Kit Drive

The church continues to do God’s call to care for one another especially at this time. We are still accepting donations for hygiene kits for the members and worshippers in need. We are inviting the families of the church to donate the following: bath soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, alcohol or hand sanitizers and face masks. You may also want to include a biblical verse or two to encourage them. The church staff will be welcoming your donations so please get in touch with them through our church administrator, Dra. Cora Santiago.

Call for Volunteers

Bread From Heaven is inviting all our members and worshipers to serve our God through the different ministries of the church. We are looking for volunteers to help in our Music, Multimedia and Church Greeters for both online and face to face services. We are also inviting you to serve in the Christian Education ministry and in our family ministries. To know more, please contact the ministry leads or our Pastors. We pray that this year will be your opportunity to worship God through our various ministries.

New Church Building

We are blessed that the church continues to be a testimony of God’s faithfulness to the community around us. That is why the pastors and Consistory of the church are reminding everyone to continue to pray that God in His right time will lead us to begin construction of the new church sanctuary.

Please visit the church website to see the details on the planned construction, and if the Lord is leading you to give, please deposit to RCBC as the primary account for the Church Building Fund. Join us in earnest prayer so that through this project we can continue to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our communities and be a channel of blessing to those around us.

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