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“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Just to state the obvious, the Bible is replete with instances wherein men were called by God to leadership roles more than women. Indeed, faithfulness and diligence in men’s headship role in the provision of the corporeal and spiritual needs of their respective families are expected of men. However, Christian men are likewise commanded to fulfill with the same dedication and intentness their roles in the church of which they are members.

Speaking in love for the benefit of men in general, may I say that we at times get buttonholed by an event, by someone or by the Holy Spirit on our getting too preoccupied with our work, hobbies, sports, socializing, etc., to remind us of the unique role we all have in our local church.

From once a month Men’s Breakfast Fellowship in the late 80’s, Men In Bread or MIB evolved to be the men’s ministry of BFHCF in 1997. God used the ministry as His platform in transforming the men in BFHCF. Like any other ministries, it also experienced challenging times but by God’s faithfulness and thru the leading of the Holy Spirit it endures and continuous to be the main ministry in identifying and developing men of God’s character for future servant leadership in Bread. MIB meets 2x a month.

Breadlehem, a housing project for our pastors, was MIB’s first cooperation with BFHCF after its regrouping. To date, we could count as MIB’s regular activities the following: the annual dental-medical missions, family fun day, inspirational talks, church repairs and renovations, and others. Being a CARE ministry, MIB also helps BFHCF members who is encountering a financial strait in their livelihoods with advices and interest-free loans; and grants scholarship to any deserving students with a promising potential of becoming an asset to the growth of the Church.

Just recently, MIB had a graduating scholar, major in tribal evangelism, who is working with CCT Vision of Hope Christian School in a remote town of Cacawitan, Quezon in Palawan. We find that an interpersonal approach of evangelism applied has inarguably redounded greatly to the Church’s thrust of CULTIVATION among the indigents in our country’s boondocks. MIB also takes on the supporting role to other ministries who opt for a partnership in some activities. Acknowledging God in all our ways and means, MIB is careful not to shoehorn its own line of activities perfunctorily and unnecessarily; but always in response to the call and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Much as we want all male BFHCF members to join us, please take note that only 18-year-old and above are Men-In-Bread eligibles. MIB is always in need of more of you, and many more as grist coming to the Lord’s mill in the exciting and busy days to come.

“Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 1:3

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