About the Ministry

The Membership Ministry supports the following: The 3 Clusters, Visitation, Multimedia and the Church Greeters Ministry.

Its modest goal by the end of 2018 is to gather updated membership data, verify it with the existing data, and analyse its contents to come up with an action plan on how to best serve and address the spiritual needs and concerns of all the members.

Another goal of the ministry is to achieve an increase in the participation rate in the ongoing programmes being offered by the other Church Ministries. For its long term goals, we aim to be an active and integral part of the church in its vision and mission, implementation of its Call, Cultivate and Care programmes through the Growth Requiring Individual Participation (GRIP) approach. We will also focus and assist in strengthening the Family values and in growing our membership numbers.

The Ministry is led by Pastor Vic and the Cluster Pastors, the Deacon Overseers and supported by an administration, secretariat and core members handling communication and technical support.

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