About the Ministry

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Target Group:
All members and worshipers from Parañaque including their families.

Honoring and glorifying God in our personal lives and as a community of believers as we grow in faith together.

To grow deeper in our knowledge of God, nurture one another in faith and obedience to Christ, and share Jesus to others.

All activities are in response to our church’s objectives of Call, Cultivate and Care.

  • Call. We will join the missions initiated by our church and share Jesus to our family, friends and community.

  • Cultivate. We meet every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month for doctrinal study, hold a prayer time called ‘Times of Refreshing’ three times a year dedicated to communing with God, and a Family Fellowship twice a year to encourage discussion about God’s design for the family.

  • Care. We hold visitation to know the members and their families and pray for them.

Those interested to join may approach Pastor Recca Gonzales.

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