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Matthew 28:18-20 is considered as the Great Commission, wherein Jesus sends His followers to make disciples of all nations. Most of the time, Christians interpret it as solely for going out to the unreached people or group in the society then start a church. That is also true but there is one thrust in the Great Commission that people often forget: “…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:20). Therefore, the Christian Education ministry is committed to obey Jesus by teaching the Church to obey everything He commanded us. For the coming months, the Adult Christian Education will be focusing on making Jesus known by strengthening the families in the Church. We would like to make Jesus the center of our households and empower families to commit to this biblical mandate in the family setting. Please look forward for the programs for Adult Education in these coming months and let us continue to pray that Jesus would be the center of our households as we submit to Him as our Lord who is worthy to be obeyed.

The Children’s ministry is also praying to partner with parents so that we could hand in hand guide the next generation of believers to follow Jesus. If you have any concerns regarding Sunday School, please feel free to contact me at 0917-893-7501. You could also visit the CE rooms during Sundays to see what we are doing. We would love for parents to be more involved in shaping the faith of their own children and even for other children in the Sunday School who need a father or a mother figure.

The Children’s ministry caters to children ages 3-14 and are divided according to their age group in different classes:

  • 3-5 for Nursery
  • 6-7 for Primary
  • 8-10 for Middlers
  • 11-12 for Juniors
  • 13-14 for High school.

Parents with infants are also encouraged to stay in the Crib Roll.

The Sunday School Ministry has 4 departments: the 8:30 am Department, the 10:30 am Department, the 3 pm Department which is for our Fourth Estate outreach, and the 5pm department.

The Sunday School meets every Sunday. But on the first Sunday of the month, we call it the kids church and the Juniors and the High Schoolers are encouraged to join the Worship service in the Sanctuary so that they would be prepared to join the congregation as soon as they are ready.

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