About the Ministry

Church Assisted students (CAS), formerly called the Church Young Scholars, are scholars of BFHCF. This program has been going on since 1990.

Currently, there are 65 assisted students.

  • Elementary - 18 students
  • High School - 22 students
  • Senior High School - 16 students
  • College - 9 students


  1. To change the life of assisted students through education.
  2. To help underprivileged children with the potential and willingness to study.
  3. To provide better opportunities and to encourage the students to become responsible and productive members of the society where God wants them to be.


  1. Yearly Medical-Dental check-up for both the students and their parents.
  2. Quarterly fellowship and meeting of the assisted students and their parents with games and activities.
  3. Quarterly updating of grades.


  1. Student’s general average must be 85 and above.
  2. They are required to attend the Sunday school and one of the 4 Sunday church services.
  3. Parents must be members or worshipers of our church who voluntarily participate in any church related ministry or activity.

Every second Sunday of the month, the CAS receive their allowances. Most of the CAS are also teachers, assistant teachers and students of our Sunday School. Some parents are also cleaning and kitchen ambassador volunteers.

Praise God for using teachers who are of great help and have been very supportive in this ministry.

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